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20 March 2018



Azar Eghtessadi, the 12 year old son of Inge Onsea and Esfan Eghtessadi, has created his first collection. The AZAR-T collection consists of four basic T-shirts and one printed sweatshirt. Jani Kazaltzis had a little chat with our youngest designer! Read about it below:

Are you going to follow your mom and dad's footsteps?

Yes, of course. And I will do it better than them, haha :-). No, my dream is to make my work out of it. And I hope it will work out!

How come you made your own collection?

I really wanted to make my own collection, and after discussing this with my dad it came all by itself. I was born in a family surrounded with fashion, so it actually came all naturally.

What do you like about it?

I like drawing and creating my own designs. In this collection, I did a lot on my own like drawing the robots and selecting the tiger and flowers. I did get some help with the technical stuff. And I am actually very happy about the result!

How many items have you designed?

I have created five items: four basic T-shirts in different colors and one printed sweatshirt.

Where did you get your inspiration from?

I got my inspiration out of books. Once I have found a book full of flowers and beautiful tigers in it, and so I thought to myself : I have to design a print out of it! Inspired by flowers and tigers we made a print out of it and my sweatshirt was created :-).

This is your very first collection, and you're only 12 years old! How does it feel?

I feel really happy! I definitely want to grow. I want to get more inspiration to make more beautiful clothes and above all I want to make people happy with the clothes I design.

What I find very special in your collection, is that you don't keep all the profit to yourself. What do you do with it?

Fifty percent of the profit goes to a charity, because I think that others deserve to be spoiled too. With the other fifty percent I hope to create bigger collections, so I could give even more money to charities.

Azar will donate half of the profit to WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) and LDF (Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation) project Save Tigers Now. Please click here for more information about the project and perhaps donate yourself. Or buy a piece from Azar-T collection and we'll donate your part that way!

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