Interview with printed textile designer Richard Capstick

People Interview with printed textile designer Richard Capstick

19 August 2016

Ricard Capstick was born in North England and studied Fashion Print at Central Saint Martins and then a master degree in Menswear. After his graduation he moved to Barcelona, which he called home for 16 years. As a freelancer his clients included several big names like Jill Stuart, Marc By Marc Jacobs and Missoni. A couple of years ago he was also our Menswear Designer at Essentiel Antwerp, until he took on a new challenge to become a self-employed exclusive printed textile designer.

For our Prefall/ Winter 2016 and Spring Summer 2017 collection we’ve teamed up with Richard to make extraordinary prints!

Can you explain the process when working with Essentiel?

I meet Inge, Esfan and the designers of Essentiel at Premiere Vision, a fabric fair in Paris that takes place twice a year. I have a stand where I show an overview of my work of the season: hand drawn sketches and finished prints. Customers can buy these designs or I design a new print with the information/ requirements of my customer. It depends from design to design, but my work can take anywhere from 5 to 15 hours per print design.

The layout of every print is very important and don’t forget that different kinds of fabric design require a different approach. For example an embroidery has certain stitches that have to be taken into account when designing.

Interview with Richard Capstick - Essentiel Antwerp

Where do you find your inspiration for the prints?

I’m fascinated with old books, old prints and landscapes. Finding unique color combinations is like a sport to me, It’s almost like a sixth sense! Every season I make new prints, without following the trends but designing from my own inspiration. What you can find almost every season are my flowers and bird prints, you can say that’s my specialty.

Can you tell us more about your working environment?

A bit crazy! I live and work in a small cozy studio at home. It’s super nice but I would love to work with other people in a creative environment, where I leave the house in the morning and then leave the work in the evening!

Can you give us tips on how to combine these prints for Women and for Men?

One of the biggest trends nowadays is wearing prints on prints. Very nice but also very tricky! Every person is different and it is hard to pull it off, but you should believe in your own combination, wear it in a casual way and the rest is history!

Interview with Richard Capstick - Essentiel Antwerp

Favorite places in Antwerp?

You can find me everywhere in Antwerp! I love being at ‘t Eilandje, it’s quiet and I like to be near the water. Café Kamille is my big favorite in the weekends, lunch during the week at Carroterie 2000 and every 1st Saturday of the month, you can find me at Marta farmers food market. When it’s lovely weather I go to Middelheim park, and now that they've acquired Raised Elevation by Leon Vranken I have more reason to go! (Leon's my boyfriend and so, of course, I'm a big fan)

Where can we find you for a morning coffee?

At home: half coffee half milk, no sugar – just perfect! repeat until evening.

Favorite place to have drinks?

Most of the times I’m at Bruin cafés (Brown cafés), but otherwise, Bar Gloed is great when the sun's out, or bar Pour Boire Antwerp, enjoying my Duvel triple - only Belgian beer for me!

Favorite place for dinner?

At friends places, they are all great cooks!

Favorite books you could recommend?

The Color of Time - Sean Scully's photographs of worn out doors, really beautiful. Night Visions, The Secret Designs of Moths - Joseph Scheer's almost microscopic photographs of Moth wings. The patterns are amazing. Disfarmer photographs by Mike Disfarmer from 1939-46 just wonderful portraits of people from Heber Springs. Once a year by Axel Houdt. Just very strange photos of traditional costumes in Germany.

 Interview with Richard Capstick - Essentiel Antwerp

Interview with Richard Capstick - Essentiel Antwerp



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