Interview with An-Josefien Falelavaki

People Interview with An-Josefien Falelavaki

9 September 2016


An-Josefien is an artist/ model living in Oostende, Belgium. She was born in New Caledonia and grew up in Aalst, Belgium. She studied Chinese but found her passion in creating art and clothes. She has travelled the world, living a bohemian life. This is the first time she worked with Essentiel as one of the faces of the collection ESSENTIEL ANTWERP X DESIGNERS AGAINST AIDS.
Read all about her projects and why this campaign is something very close to her heart.

What are your current projects?

You have until 14 September to visit my expo 'Dirty Belgium' with Gert Van Goethem at De Garage in Ghent, where we designed two bottles for Jägermeister. Next to that I art directed a new project called “Wir Sommes België” that will be coming out soon.


How does it feels like to be on the campaign of essentiel x daa?

It feels nice! I had a challenging year with a lot of personal turbulence and changes, including losing an HIV-positive friend in a very unfortunate accident. I know Alain-Joël would have been proud to see this. It’s a tribute to him and a way to remember him.

What was your favorite moment working on this campaign?

Some of the people working on the campaign are true friends. When this opportunity came on my path I was a bit down and out, I didn't really love myself. Working with these people made me become aware again of who I am and made me feel proud about myself once again. I never care for confirmation, only from people I really respect and this project turned out to be exactly what I needed.


Tell us more about your personal style.

I mostly look like I have just rolled out of a fancy trailer park. Most of the time I wear black and sometimes you can find me wearing denim. I also wear my own designed Men’s streetwear, mixed with more refined items. 

What is your favorite piece of this collection? 

My favorite piece is the black sleeveless body that you can combine with literally anything. In fact I'm wearing it right now with a long black skirt and white Reebok classic sneakers.



Your future projects? 

There will be a new photozine in collaboration with Freeways Collide called 'OMO 25'. I am also bringing out my journal with Caro Tanghe (Oathbreaker) in combination with a self-directed short film shot by Sander Lanen. 
I’m happy to be entering a new part of my life where I focus more on being consistent with my art. The last year I have been banned from many social media forms for being too free (don't free the nipple ladies!) which is interesting in a world that now rotates mostly around social media.

In short my future projects will be doing exactly anything I feel like doing!



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