Interview with Pablo Piatti

People Interview with Pablo Piatti

13 October 2016

Meet Pablo Piatti, a textile designer we love to work with. He’s the son of a Greek mother and an Italian father, was born in Buenos Aires and he moved to Europe at the age of 21 to start working in the fashion industry.
For this Fall Winter 2016 collection he designed the exclusive bonsai print for us. He invited us in his home in Antwerp to talk about work, his favorite places and the people he admires.

Pablo Piatti - Essentiel Antwerp

Can you explain the process when working with Essentiel?

In the past I worked for Essentiel as a designer for the Women’s department so I know its DNA. When I prepare the prints for Essentiel I always have a certain color or pattern in mind. It’s nice to see how Inge and Tom use my prints to build up a theme in their collection.

Where do you find your inspiration for the prints?

I find inspiration in books, botanical etchings, vintage clothing and I also watch the latest runway shows.

Can you tell us more about your working environment?

I’m surrounded by a lot of books and drawing materials… and my cat is always around! Background music is also very important. Music influences my rhythm and my mood.

Can you give us tips on how to combine prints?

I think that bold colors and big patterns are the best combinations, finished with solid fabrics. Actually most of the signature Essentiel looks are very refreshing and playful! Year after year, I’m always amazed how Inge and Tom combine different prints.

Pablo Piatti - Essentiel Antwerp

Favorite place in Antwerp?

One of my favorite places in Antwerp is Begijnhof. Inspiring and peaceful, surrounded by old fruit trees with chalked trunks, just like in Greece.

Where can we find you for a morning coffee?

I’m more a tea person, but you can find me at Normo’s for coffee.
(Minderbroedersrui 30, 2000 Antwerpen)

Favorite place to have drinks?

I like to enjoy the sunrays at Grand café de Singel when I am not in my garden.
(Jan van Rijswijcklaan 155, 2018 Antwerpen)

Favorite artist?

I have many artists I admire and it changes over time. The Japanese artist Kitagawa Utamaro from the late 18th century will always be my favorite artist. You should definitely check his illustrated books of insects and birds.

Who would you like to meet?

The great writer and philosopher Marguerite Yourcenar. She loved life and you could see it by her generosity and wisdom. There is something “Hellenistic” in her that resonates in me, maybe because of my Greek roots.

Pablo Piatti - Essentiel Antwerp


Pablo Piatti - Essentiel Antwerp

Pablo Piatti - Essentiel Antwerp

Pablo Piatti - Essentiel Antwerp

Pablo Piatti - Essentiel Antwerp

Pablo Piatti - Essentiel Antwerp

Pablo Piatti - Essentiel Antwerp