This Winter 2019, we decided to go wild. Literally. There’s an abundance of animal prints that will transform your closet into an actual zoo without the annoying roars and feeding times. We have oversized botanical prints in colors even the rainforest would be jealous of. And we stole just the right amount of styles from the boys with no intention of ever giving them back. Trust us, it’s better to be wild than boring.
There’s no shortage of statement T-shirts and embroidered slogans this season. Aside from looking cool and being just as versatile as a basic white tee, they can help you get any message across without even opening your mouth. So whether you are furious and want to give a fair warning, simply need a hug, or experience a roller-coaster of emotions, we’ve got you covered.
No offense to mother nature, but she couldn’t have done it better herself. Our Winter 2019 florals are anything but dainty and charming and seem to have been transported straight from Wonderland into your closet. With their blown-up size and vibrant colors, they are prominently in your face and everyone else’s.

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