Be creative and repurpose your clothes

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22 avril 2020

Be creative and repurpose your clothes


Our Visual Merchandiser Julien can’t keep still and loves to be creative. He is sharing with us how he spends his time productively by repurposing a thrifted dress. This is one of many things that we can do to give mother nature a helping hand. Thrifted, grandma’s hand-me-down or something you haven’t worn in ages – we’re sure there’s a project waiting for you and it's the ideal way to battle boredom these days.



Julien: I found this low waist dress for 1€ at a thrift store. The flower print and the colors directly caught my eye. Here is how l turned this 90’s gem into a cute dress that's perfect for summer, or for those stay-at-home-days when you still feel like dressing up.




What Julien used:

  • Long sleeved dress
  • Mannequin
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Needle and thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Bias tape for lines


Step by step:

1. Start by deconstructing the dress: undo all the seams and iron the different parts to have a clean canvas to work with.

2. Cut the front top in two parts through the middle. I flipped the top upside down, so I had more fabric in the waist area as I wanted a wrap style dress. Create a neckline: trace the desired neckline from neck to waist and follow with the fabric. Drape 3 folds so the fabric fits nicely around the bust area.

3. To create cap sleeves, add 15 cm to the existing shoulder line and cut the sleeve there.

4. Cut all excess fabric at the waistline, leaving at least 1 cm seam allowance. Take the top off your dress form and put your 2 half tops right side together on a table. Cut the second half following the new lines.

5. For the back of the top I kept it simple: it’s just rectangle with a neckline. To know the width of this rectangle, match the shoulder width at the front.

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6. Here starts the sewing process: attach the shoulders and finish the raw edge of the neckline (make a shaped facing or bias tape).

7. Front - Add darts to bottom part to fit the waist. Attach the waist of the bottom and the top of the dress and stitch them together.

8. Back – Add darts to bottom part to fit the waist. Gather the waist of the top to this waistline. Attach the waist of the bottom and the top of the dress right side together and sew.

9. Stitch the sides of the dress leaving a 20 cm opening to create an armhole. Insert a zipper on the left seam.

10. Hem all the raw edges for a finished look.

11. I kept the original belt and cut the same shape in a blue fabric to use as lining for a nicer finish.





Tips & tricks:

  • Pay attention to materials. This dress was made in a nice viscose quality
  • Bigger sizes and loose fits give you more fabric to work with.
  • This is how Julien re-made his dress but don’t be afraid to be creative and experiment!




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