Essentiel Antwerp x Peanuts: Interview with Tom De Poortere

This & that Essentiel Antwerp x Peanuts: Interview with Tom De Poortere

5 mars 2018



After the success with Disney, Essentiel Antwerp got into a collaboration with a new character: PEANUTS. It resulted in a fun and quirky capsule collection, not only for men and women, but also for kids! We sat together with our Art Director, Tom De Poortere, and talked about why Essentiel Antwerp choose this collaboration.

Essentiel Antwerp collaborates this time with PEANUTS. Why did Essentiel Antwerp choose this collaboration?

After the success we had with Disney, we went on a lookout for a new character that was fitting in the Essentiel Antwerp universe. PEANUTS were actually on our radar rather quickly as the humor and colors all fit really well in our own quirky world.

Are you a fan of PEANUTS and why?

YES! There are few people who aren't, we think... And it resonates with a lot of generations, everybody knows and loves PEANUTS. So am I, of course!

Which PEANUTS character would you like to be?

Besides SNOOPY, we think WOODSTOCK is really fun. The way he interacts with SNOOPY, flies around and does all these crazy things, is truly adorable.

What makes the PEANUTS collection so different from previous collaborated collections?

We approached the PEANUTS collection more from an elevated streetwear approach, and then gave it an Essentiel Antwerp feel with the colors and details. The pastel oversized sweaters with beadings, the quirky slogans and the really fun accessories make it a small collection on its own, that really complements the 2018 Summer Basic Collection.

Can you explain the collection? The inspiration, the style and the colors?

The colors come from a seventies Los Angeles feel (washed pastels), mixed with the Venice Beach skater culture (the sweaters and graphics), but we turned that by adding a cute printed pleated skirt with all our favorite characters from the PEANUTS universe. The sporty touch on the accessories give it an edge that truly embodies this feel.

Who is this collection made for?

All PEANUTS lovers that are young at heart. Because we think the whole PEANUTS universe is close to the Essentiel Antwerp world, we are sure that everybody who shops at Essentiel Antwerp, will be very excited.

What is your favorite piece of this collection?

AAH, that is always a difficult question... But if I really need to choose, I think it would be the POLIPPI bag. The bag you will be wearing the whole summer (and beyond) in so many cool colors that it will be hard to pick one. (... but of course, you can always get them all...)