Trend report SS20

Style Trend report SS20

31 janvier 2020


5 Spring/Summer 2020 trends that are about to take over


New season, new trends. While we are firm believers in wearing what you love, how you love it, we couldn’t imagine sending you out on your next shopping spree without some seasonal highlights.

That’s why we’ve narrowed down the biggest Spring/Summer 2020 trends to the top 5 you’ll start seeing (and can begin wearing) now.



Seeing Spots

Chances are that by now, you’ve probably already gathered some polka dot prints in your closet. For those who have been hesitant towards the timeless, feminine spots before: this is the time to convert. Known for their whimsical and girly vibe, polka dots are like a fashionable boomerang that keeps coming back. And apparently, there’s a scientific reason behind it. Since a circle has no sharp edges, it ‘s the most accessible shape in the world, eliminating any sense of negativity or danger in our brains. That’s why these colorful dots are not only stylish and fashionable, our brain also classifies them as positive and safe: turning them into a trustworthy basic that you’ll be able to combine with anything and everything you love!


Dark green plaid double-breasted coat

Neon pink polka dot wrap maxi dress

Off-white leather ankle boots

Dark blue and white tie-dye print shoulder bag




Make waves

For some, summer might be all about catching waves, but since we aren’t exactly pro’s on a surfboard, we prefer to make some in our outfits. While there are tons of Spring/Summer 2020 trends that underline a sense of practicality and comfort, the season’s ruffles and tiers have one simple goal: being pretty. Tiered dresses and skirts will provide you with some positive drama and volume, without ever becoming too delicate. For those looking for a more subtle approach than twirl-worthy tiers, a ruffled piece will do the trick. If you’re anything like us, this trend has got you frilled with excitement.


Red polka dot ruffled midi dress

Off-white croc-effect waist belt

Orange tiered midi skirt

Neon yellow croc-effect waist belt




Suit yourself

Can we still call power dressing a trend in 2020? If you ask us, female power suits have been making an impact ever since they became more than boring business attire. This season, we are playing with exaggerated proportions from boxy shoulders to slightly slouching pants, timeless but updated checks, and each item’s stand-alone versatility. Since this trend isn’t going anywhere, we’re not reluctant to call it a must-have staple for your SS20 closet, and all other seasons to come. Make it your new go-to for those ‘I’ve got nothing to wear days’, drape the blazer over your shoulders for that instant cool-girl vibe, and create a powerful look that matches your daily determination.


Grey plaid double-breasted blazer

Light pink and orange striped sweater

Off-white high-rise jeans

Silver glittered leather combat boots

Off-white plaid double-breasted blazer

White printed oversized cotton T-shirt

Brown and neon yellow belt bag

Dark green and mint green feather-embellished minis kirt




Faux leather weather

We still need to meet the woman who hasn’t got one eye on her Instagram feed to spot the latest and greatest trends of the season. With the biggest fashion names always being one step ahead of the style game, you’ve probably already spotted some covetable (faux) patent leather outfits during your daily scroll time. Plus, the trend’s allure is easy to explain. With its shiny look and feel you don’t only get an instantly photogenic piece, you also look rather badass and expensive without trying too hard. If you take anything away from your Instagram inspiration, let it be this: more is more. So layer that shiny faux leather coat on top of that slick pencil skirt, or go for a sleek-finished two-piece style with a matching jacket and pants. Trust us, those likes will come pouring in.


Grey faux patent-leather bomber jacket

Neon yellow sweater

Brown faux patent-leather trench coat

Neon pink sweater

Silver-tone necklace with yellow and black florals

Black frayed denim shorts

Off-white leather belt with croc-effect

Neon yellow striped socks




In his shirt

We’ve mentioned it before, Spring/Summer 2020 definitely succeeds in capturing those practical, timeless trends, without making timeless seem negative or boring. One of those SS20 highlights that proves to be a must for anyone aiming to create that elusive ‘capsule wardrobe’, or simply for those who want something versatile and trustworthy to depend on is a menswear-inspired shirt. Oversized, striped or plain, and made of soft but durable cotton poplin, this shirt is both an easy fix and style statement. Wear it with anything from leggings to mini skirts to give you that put-together, without overthinking look, that others envy.


Silver flower-shaped statement earrings

Grey and off-white striped cotton shirt

Neon orange sweater

Off-white and red tie-dyed silk midi skirt

Off-white leather ankle boots




Inge X YouTube: Spring/Summer 2020’s colors and prints

How do you mix two different prints? How do you wear that trendy manly shirt or broad blazer? Is there a strategy to it all? In her latest vlog, Inge Onsea, our co-founder and creative director, spills all of her SS20 tips and tricks. Get ready to take notes!



Items featured in vlog:

Neon pink denim jumpsuit

Pink floral and polka dot silk midi dress

Off-white floral-print frilled mini skirt

Red polka dot slip dress

Grey plaid double-breasted blazer

Neon pink puffed sleeves denim mini dress

Neon pink sweater

Dark blue and neon yellow striped sweater

Yellow high-rise jeans

Off-white plaid double-breasted blazer

Dark green and mint green feather-embellished mini skirt

Blue daisy earrings

Grey and off-white striped cotton shirt

Neon orange sweater

Off-white and red tie-dyed silk midi skirt

Off-white and black graffiti-print camisole

Orange tiered midi skirt

Neon yellow croc-effect waist belt

Neon pink polka dot wrap maxi dress


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