What to wear: Wild cat ladies

Style What to wear: Wild cat ladies

21 août 2019

What to wear: Wild cat ladies


There aren’t a lot of prints that have the potential to make both you, your mother, and your grandmother excited. But, thanks to their 9 lives, feline spots figured it out.

Since they’ve been around since the Twenties, calling leopard, tiger, and cheetah prints a trend would be a poor choice of words. After all, these wild cats have become as much of a wardrobe staple as a classic Breton stripe T-shirt.



Feline prints have dominated the fashion scene in both famous and infamous ways. From Shania Twain’s leopard outfit, that impressed us quite a lot by the way, to Debbie Harry, Jackie Kennedy or Fran Drescher in ‘The Nanny’, we all have a clear-cut image that comes to mind when we think of purring animal styles. How you rate that image is entirely up to you.


For this season’s crop of the spots, two camps have formed within the animal kingdom. While the one side stays true to these meowing predators’ camouflage hues, the other team decides to dip the spots in bright colors. Naturally, no animals were harmed in the process. Where the realistic tones in shades of brown and beige feel like a tried and trusted staple that you can spruce up with other strong items, their colorful alternatives already look strong on their own. They have a new, artful quality to them that’s simply purrfect in our humble opinion.




Bottle green beanie with 'Fury' embroidery

Tiger-print jacket

Tiger-print pants

Bottle green croc-effect leather tote bag

Off-white leather combat boots




Leopard-print mini wrap dress

Black over-the-knee boots




Off-white and black striped ribbed-knit sweater

Off-white leopard-print silk pencil skirt

Black sock boots




Black belted wool coat

Black cotton 'Atomic cat' T-shirt

Leopard-print mini skirt

Black over-the-knee boots




Bottle green leopard-print silk midi dress

Black croc-effect leather knee boots

Grey plaid single-breasted blazer

Off-white leather utility belt

Bottle green wallet with cord




Cheetah-print hooded quilted shell down coat

Scarlet light knit sweater

Scarlet pouch

Brown bias cut midi skirt

Scarlet croc-effect leather ankle boots


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