What to wear: On grand scales

Style What to wear: On grand scales

14 août 2019

What to wear: On grand scales


Booking a safari to spot animals in the wild? That’s so last season! Just step outside, and you’ll be able to spot anything from tigers to leopards and zebras on your path.

This season, it’s snake-print (not skin!) that’s taking over the streets by slithering into your closets.



According to the Chinese zodiac, it might still be the year of the pig, we are dubbing this Fall/Winter 2019 as the year of the snake. Finding a real-life version of this cold-blooded reptile in our closet isn’t exactly on our bucket list, but the print in its many variations is definitely making it onto our wish list. While a snake-look may seem a bit risqué due to the poisonous fangs that are indissolubly linked to it, we can confirm that everything from our pants to bags, shoes, and dresses is danger-free.


The biggest advantage of snake-print is that it’s incredibly chic without trying too hard. Items in the animal’s natural color scheme have a neutral tendency to them by sticking to hues of brown, beige and black. When you really want to make an impact, we recommend opting for scales in less natural shades like bright yellow and blue. Trust us, soon you’ll become just as obsessed with this season’s snake-print as you were with the Nokia video game.




Snake-effect leather ankle boots

Bias cut midi skirt

Black rhinestone encrusted heart earrings

Ribbed knit V-neck cardigan

Snake-print camisole

Wide-leg pants

Striped belt with moon buckle




Mother of pearl beaded hoop earrings

Snake-print turtleneck mini dress

Over-the-knee boots

Snake-print shirt

Cotton-corduroy pants

Snake-effect leather belt

Croc-effect leather tote bag




Cotton 'Fury' T-shirt

Snake-print midi skirt

Leather ankle boots

Track pants

Snake-effect leather boots




Snake-print shirt

Shoulder bag

Cropped wide-leg cotton-corduroy pants

Croc-effect leather belt

Snake-effect leather ankle boots

Snake-print shirt

Cotton-corduroy pants

Snake-effect leather belt




Long cable-knit V-neck sweater

Snake-print slip dress

Leather combat boots

Snake-effect faux fur coat

Cargo pants





Snake-print slip dress

Multicolored rhinestone encrusted heart earrings

Snake-print mini dress


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