What to wear: Streetwear

Style What to wear: Streetwear

11 mars 2020

What to wear: streetwear


Streetwear could be described as the ultimate form of casual comfort. A style that mixes graphic-heavy hoodies and T-shirts, relaxed sportswear, and sneakers, of course.

It's a limit-pushing, genderless, 'can't-exactly put-your-finger-on-it' sort of cool, and we can't hit the streets anymore without catching someone sporting the style.



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'Cool' almost feels as too basic of a word to describe streetwear. The style that was once reserved for skaters and surfers to express their individuality has now been borrowed by anyone from the cool kid next door to your best friend's mom. The edgy, but always relaxed look has become part of the everyday scene, and while it may be harder to spot subcultures because of it, it is something to celebrate.


The trick to standing out in comfort this season is to embrace the key message of streetwear: comfort. This can be done by replacing your heels for kicks or taking it up a notch by donning track pants without a gym in sight. But it isn't just sweat pants that make for a solid streetwear look. The entire range of athleisure items is up to the task. Cozy hoodies have become an it-girl staple over the last years, as well as having the guts to speak your mind. While you can figuratively wear your heart on your sleeve, you can also plaster it quite literally as a slogan over anything from sneakers to denim skirts. When trying to get into the streetwear vibe, it all boils down to thinking a little less J.Lo and a little more Jenny from the block.




Sky blue cotton-jersey sweatshirt

White printed cotton T-shirt

Orange and off-white printed track pants

Silver glittered leather combat boots




Off-white and black graffiti-print shirt

Neon pink striped socks

Off-white graffiti-print sneakers

Grey cotton-blend hoodie




Orange and off-white printed track jacket

White printed oversized cotton T-shirt

Neon yellow thin leather belt

Black and yellow zebra-print keychain

Grey plaid wide-leg pants

Chunky gold-tone hoop earrings

White 'News'-print cotton T-shirt

Light blue graffiti-print denim skirt




Black high-rise tapered jeans

Off-white graffiti-print sneakers

Chunky gold-tone hoop earrings

Leopard-print track jacket

Leopard-print track pants




Chunky gold-tone hoop earrings

Gold-tone ball and chain necklace

Orange knitted sweater with light blue print

Orange knitted track pants with light blue print

Off-white graffiti-print sneakers

Green cotton-jersey sweatshirt

Off-white floral-print frilled mini skirt




Silver-tone flower-shaped statement earrings

Off-white and black graffiti-print shirt dress

Stretchy striped belt with red flower

Black and yellow zebra-shaped brooch

Leopard-print cotton jacket with sequin embroidery

White cotton shirt

Off-white and blue tie-dyed legging

Silver glittered leather combat boots


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