What to wear: At ease

Style What to wear: At ease

8 octobre 2019

What to wear: At ease


Practical and stylish don’t often meet in a fashion context. But when you look at the utility trend, inspired by military-influences, you’ll see that these two can actually happily coexist. Thanks to this united force, it’s unsurprising that the style has become a constant theme on the streets and runways.


The reason behind the success of the utilitarian style isn’t hard to pinpoint. We’re all frantically running around while scrolling through our phones and multi-tasking in our heads.  An outfit that allows you to do that while looking stylish, staying warm, and having plentiful storage space is the stuff that fashion dreams are made of.



Just to keep things clear, military-inspired doesn’t mean you have to go full-on army Spice as the Spice Girls did for their movie. Neither do you have to shave your head (but feel free if you want to) like Demi Moore in ‘G.I. Jane’ or salute anyone you witness donning camo-print.


The fun in the utility trend is the balancing act of masculine and practical meets feminine and stylish. Combat boots paired with floral dresses, cargo pants with cozy knits, and utility belts with no other purpose than to tie in an oversized coat to make it look even better. Whatever khaki hue, army-inspired cut, or functional item you decide on, this trend will make you look cool without any effort. Do you copy?




Houndstooth double-breasted tailored coat

Khaki green 'New attitude' knitted scarf

Black leather utility belt

Bottle green wallet with cord

Tiger-print tailored pants

Off-white leather combat boots




Black hooded quilted glossed-shell down coat

Orange light knit sweater

Moss green cargo pants

Black rhinestone-embellished cotton-blend socks

Neon yellow and grey chunky sneakers

Off-white cotton 'Atomic cat' T-shirt

Black cargo pants

Black metallic ribbed socks

Black sneakers




Black belted jumpsuit

Pink bird brooch

Brown belted jumpsuit




Khaki green light knit sweater

Bottle green wallet with cord




Bottle green beanie with 'Fury' embroidery

Sky blue and white striped shirt

Blue cotton high-waisted jeans

Beige cable-knit sweater

Black rhinestone encrusted heart brooch

Camouflage-print cargo pants

Silver glitter ankle boots


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