Our Mission

We want to... be your pink pill - butterfly you - battle boredom - dress your emotions

Our Promise

There will be fireworks

Our Ambition

We want to become the first Belgian commercial fashion brand succeeding worldwide

Our Vision

We want to:
  • expand ESSENTIEL’s image globally through the right choice of local distribution channels’ mix
  • become and remain an undisputed leader in affordable luxury fashion
  • increase the importance of accessories to broaden our customers’ reach
  • ensure constant sales dynamics through multiple collection’s themes per year

Our Values

  • Passion is key: we are passionate in everything we undertake
  • Keep it surprising: we stimulate exotic and wild ideas; our ambition is to make a difference
  • Learning by doing: we believe in trial and error; we trust our gut feeling and emotions
  • Celebrate life: we work hard, but we only do things that give us energy
  • Permanent questioning: we stay alert; we challenge ourselves; there is no status quo; nothing is eternal
  • Integrity: we are driven by curiosity, based on integrity; we are respectful, human and fair with everyone