Interview with Sofie Coreynen

People Interview with Sofie Coreynen

29 september 2017

Meet Photographer Sofie Coreynen. We’ve worked together on many projects so she’s practically part of the family!

Essentiel Antwerp - Interview with Sofie Coreynen

Tell us more about your current projects

I’m working on several projects, from commercial shoots to editorials. I also started a project about “the point of no return in life”, it’s a project with a nod to my 12 years old daughter. She’s in the middle of this tremendous change from kid to teenager, which is a fascinating period.

Tell us more about your future projects

Four months ago, I started working with my new agent Entrée Libre and it’s a match made in heaven! We go hard and strong and more projects are coming up.
I’m also starting up my own label: Area of Effect. Clickable accessories that you can wear over and under your clothes. Although I’m not sure when I’m going to launch it, … For now, time is not on my side.

Essentiel Antwerp - Interview with Sofie Coreynen

Your favorite shoot with Essentiel

I would say, the video shoot of Essentiel & DAA last year. Perfect crew, great result and all the models gave everything they had, all for a good cause!
But I also loved shooting the SS18 lookbook, a very powerful collection and it’s a pleasure working with Grace Anderson, Inge, Tom and Eva.

Essentiel Antwerp - Interview with Sofie Coreynen

How do you create a nice work/ life balance?

I’m quite determined about my work and I have the best husband, family and friends that support me. I try to be a good partner, friend, sister, daughter, neighbor but I don’t have as much time as I used to have before.
When I’m at home I’m 100% a mom, no phone, no computer, I cook a lot, go see their sports and have a real conversation but when they are in bed my next shift starts.

Describe your style

I dress myself unique. For me, it’s a way of expressing who I am. One day I look like a boy, the next day I wear a sexy dress. I will never get bored or fall asleep styling wise.

Essentiel Antwerp - Interview with Sofie Coreynen

What are you into lately?

New glasses for my kid, pottery for my kitchen, learning how to make kimchi, painting my house, hanging in the apartments of friends and watching my kids’ game on Sundays.

Best advice ever

Open your heart & love a lot
Love life, love yourself, love your hobbies, love your friends & family.
Have respect, admire, cherish, laugh, dance and forgive.
Put your hands in the ground.
And put your phone down please!

Essentiel Antwerp - Interview with Sofie Coreynen

An advice to take great pictures?

Catch the moment, try something else, not always a smile or a straight horizon.