In the Closet of Charlotte Gesquière

People In the Closet of Charlotte Gesquière

26 februari 2013

Ghent based Charlotte Gesquière is a fashionista pur sang. She works for Initials LA, a photo management and production agency in Antwerp and is passionate about photography & music. Visiting flea markets and looking for pretty & unique pieces with a soul makes her extremely happy.


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How would you describe your personal style?
Actually it’s different every day, but there’s always a typical ‘Charlotte-touch’. Crosses, black nail polish and other punky accessories are present in most of my outfits: rock-‘n-roll, with a feminine touch. I try to mix my designer pieces with cheaper items and with vintage of course. (laughs)

Clothing is very important to me. A cool look, some lipstick & a bit of mascara and I feel invincible! (laughs) On the other hand I have to admit that I’m not very careful with my stuff. I’d like to be a little tidier so I don’t have to gather the piles of clothing at the end of the week…


What inspires you?
I can find inspiration in different things: on the streets, in magazines, during my job… Cities like London and Amsterdam are a big influence for me! Every time I come back, I’m full of bold ideas.

My biggest inspiration is without a doubt my mum. She owns a clothing store in Ghent and is one of the most stylish women I know. She’s also extremely creative; knits her own scarves & cardigans and she used to design. Another lady that definitely inspires me is Natalie Joos (from Tales of Endearment). This Belgian turned American used to work in my mums shop and when I was young I was obsessed with her style & clothes.


Do you prefer to shop online or offline?
Both! I prefer to buy more expensive pieces in actual stores, but of course you can’t find everything there. The Alexander Wang boots I got for my birthday for instance, we’re not available in Belgium so we got them online. My online shopping experience usually stays limited to window shopping. It’s a matter of inspiration; I make screen shots and wish lists that help me to avoid impulse purchases.

I just love to visit flea markets. For furniture of course, but I’m most happy when I find vintage clothing. It’s amazing what treasures you can find, for ridiculously cheap prices. I can’t resist coats & jackets; it has become an addiction to find the perfect outerwear. Vintage or new, a jacket or a coat always fits (laughs).


Essentiel Antwerp


Do you always tell your boyfriend honestly about your purchases?
I’m always honest, most of the time I’m too happy to keep it a secret. I must admit that I’m not always correct when it comes to pricing. Something I bought for 280 euros becomes a bargain for only 200 euros rather quickly (laughs).

I’m grateful my boyfriend understands my passion for fashion, he never complains and he always gives his opinion. From time to time it happens that he’s not that enthusiastic about a particular piece, but I don’t really care. As long as I feel good in it, I wear it.


Any particular trends you once followed, which you would now describe as a fashion faux pas?
I spent my teenage years in the 90ies, so absolutely! The Spice Girls were my big example. I was addicted to sleeveless tops; I had them in different colours and wore them on top of each other. Add a pair of incredibly tight pants and the biggest shoes one can imagine; and that more or less describes my look. Pretty horrible, don’t you think?


If you had all the money in the world… What would you do?
It’s difficult to pick one item. I would probably move to New York, look for an apartment with a big walk-in closet and buy loads of shoes & coats! And maybe a black Delvaux Madame would look good in that dressing too. Or wait; just give me the entire summer collection of Essentiel, that would definitely make me a happy girl (laughs)!


Essentiel Antwerp