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People In the closet of Julie D'hondt

9 juli 2013

For the 4th ‘In the closet’ edit we visited Julie D’hondt, Inge Onsea’s niece. The 18 year old Antwerp chick just finished her first year as a student, but she already knows damn/pretty well what she wants in life. In her spare time she’s a hockey player and – not surprisingly -  a die-hard fashion addict. However, the most important thing in her life is her family: she and her brother are hand and glove, and she goes to Phaxos every year for vacation with her family and Inge’s, a holiday to which she’s already looking forward.

For the people that don’t know you: how would you describe your style?
Until pretty recently I wore a lot of black, if possible with studs, lots of eyeliner… But that’s over now. My friends sometimes say they’ve seen something for me, “something to-tal-ly Julie”, so I probably have a definite personal style, but I think it’s difficult to label it. I try not to be mainstream. I like to combine things that others would definitely not wear together.


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Essentiel’s leading lady Inge is your aunt. Does she influence you and your closet?
She definitely does! A big part of my closet is Essentiel. I’m really fond of the fierce colors, playful prints, the mix of comfy pieces and party items… There’s something for every occasion! I do like to mix Essentiel with other brands and styles, so I can make it a little more personal. (smile)

Even apart from Essentiel, Inge is a big time inspiration! For instance, a few years ago I saw her wearing two different earrings: a bigger, more prominent earring in one ear and a small, minimalistic stud in the other ear. I copied that from her. Also, from a professional viewpoint she’s inspirational: I also dream of a career in fashion business, just like she has.

Your closet is quite big and stuffed. What do you do with the clothes you don’t wear anymore?
Actually, I try to keep a lot. One of my favorite items for instance, is a suede Essentiel jacket that I bought about 5 years ago. However, I did a big closet clean-up recently, I took pictures of my clothes and put them for sale in a few Facebook groups, but they don’t seem to be very popular. (smile) Or maybe I’m just too impatient… I only added them a few days ago.

How do you picture a perfect shopping day?
First of all the company is important. My mother is the perfect partner in crime because she knows very well what I want. My friends are good company too, but that’s more for a fun afternoon. Girls amongst each other are more focused on themselves, while my mother only has attention for me.

The location is important too. For the perfect shopping day we move from Antwerp, to Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin or London. Starting the day with a trip excites me so much! Once arrived, we would have breakfast, then do some shopping, strolling through little streets, have lunch, do some more shopping, take a break to have drinks… No rush, it has to be a relaxing day.

It’s finally summer, which means the festival season has started! How does your festival outfit look like?Blog - Essentiel Antwerp
This year I’m going to Tomorrowland. Every time I’ve been there, it was hot, so I’ll wear something really summery: a cropped top with fringes and denim shorts. I don’t want to wear a dress, otherwise I can’t get on my friends’ shoulders! (wink)