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People In the closet of Nathalie De Schepper

26 maart 2013

This month we dive into the closet of Nathalie De Schepper! This cheerful chick works as a fashion account for Oona, the agency that also is responsible for Essentiel’s pr. She tells us about her passion for fashion and why she swears by online shopping.

Essentiel Antwerp


Have you always been passionate about fashion or is it something that only started later?

As far as I remember I have always been involved with fashion. Imagine little Nathalie walking around with patent leather shoes and lace socks, girly dresses with flower prints, her mother’s clothes… My passion for fashion has only grown through the years and ultimately I studied fashion in Ghent. And today I’m still busy with fashion.

Throughout the years my style has changed, I would say “grown up”. Formerly I had to be creative if I wanted something original. Now I have other budgets at my disposal, which allows me to buy something more exclusive once in a while. But “original” doesn’t necessarily equal “expensive”. There are so many ways to customize your clothes yourself!

My style is eclectic and overall merry. (smiles) I’m always looking for pieces with a funny twist and when you do that, chances are likely you make a slip. But I don’t regret anything! I think you should put everything into perspective; it’s funny to do something crazy every now and then and break the rules. That’s what makes it interesting!

Where do you find your inspiration?

Internet, all the way! The www is such an eye-opener, anything is possible there! Here in Belgium everything is gray and brown and boring… Totally not me! Pretty soon I found my way to the internet and the wide range of fashion blogs and online shops to stop that gap. I was the first among my friends to discover ASOS. And I still swear by online shopping!

Lots of people are still skeptical about online shopping, but once you now your body, it’s so easy! One advice: measure yourself properly! Use a measuring tape and always put two extra fingers between the tape & your body. When you are between two sizes, it’s important to look wheter the piece is tight or oversized. If it’s tight, take the bigger size; if it’s oversized take the smaller size. That’s how I roll on the net and my purchases hardly ever turn out to be bad bargains!

Essentiel Antwerp


Oona is responsible for Essentiel’s PR. As a PR agency you have strong ties with the media and influential personalities from the fashion scene. Your work has undoubtedly brought you to some inspiring places. What place will stick in your mind forever?

America is without a doubt the most inspiring place I have ever been. Especially L.A. has surprised me. In the U.S. you see the most spectacular things on the catwalks. Unfortunately the most awesome pieces don’t make it to the stores, because retailers prefer to play safe. That’s one of my biggest frustrations!

I can get totally absorbed by everything that has to do with fashion. Because of my work I get to see the newest collections, but I also do a lot of research outside ordinary business hours. Fashion is a big part of my life, but i don't mind taking a break every now & then. On those moments I go walk my dog in my tracksuit, but still a fashionable tracksuit (smiles).

Does your boyfriend understand your passion for fashion?

I think so! For instance, he shares my passion for high heel shoes. And for lingerie! (smiles) I’m pretty busty, - which explains my nick name “Double D Nathalie” -, which doesn’t make it easy to find the perfect underwear. La Fille d’O and Agent Provocateur are my favorites! A beautiful lingerie set can be pretty expensive. My boyfriend occasionally gives me some lingerie as a gift and then we’re both happy. (wink)

Spring is in the air, meaning: time for a big closet clean-up! Your closet is already pretty filled, but we can imagine a girl always misses some pieces. What’s on top of your wish list for spring/summer 2013?

I’m in a desperate search for the perfect emerald green sequin dress! Finding the perfect swimwear for Double D Nathalie will also be a challenge, and last but not least, I'd like to find an elegant yet comfortable pair of flat sandals.

One last question: what are your favorite pieces of this season’s

The entire collection is awesome! On Paris Fashion Week I was wearing the dress with zebra print (Echo dress) with the zebra jacket (Enid jacket). I might be a little over the top, but I don't care & I got some nice reactions. I was even snapped by a streetstyle photographer! Furthermore, I’m also fond of the Elwood coat, the dress with palm tree print (Emiliana dress) and the Entresol pants.

 Essentiel Antwerp