Paper-Scissors-Stone by Leon Vranken

People Paper-Scissors-Stone by Leon Vranken

17 mei 2014

We all know the game where each hand tries to survive & and each player tries to guess the next move of the opponent with 3 simple gestures. Leon Vranken named his first major solo exhibition after that specific game. An exhibition where materials meet each other in another aspect of playfulness. Using the game as a reference to his exhibition, he plays with the expectations of visitors – where simplicity meets excitement, where lines meet movements, where accessibility meets predictions.

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“After a moment of doubt about what one has just seen, there is relief & joy. His artworks creates a good mood, a feeling he likes to promote.”


Who is Leon Vranken?
Leon studied landscape architecture and discovered the specialization In Situ at the Academy in Antwerp after his graduation. He started the education as an alternative to a course in urban design and planning. He started to make sculptures without really thinking about it. He liked it. He continued & did a postgraduate at HISK in Ghent.

His work is a balance between architecture, performance & art.

Blog - Essentiel AntwerpBlog - Essentiel Antwerp

His inspiration?

Vranken explains: A trip to northern England in the beautiful landscapes of Lake District inspired me the most for the exhibition. Paper-Scissors-Stone represents the materials I use such as paper and stone, but also the techniques such as cutting through building, objects and 2D works.


Why does his exhibition deserve a place in our Inspiration Inc. repertoire?

The playful and fun way materials are shown, the simple but bright linear closings of each room (such as water, railings, brick walls,...), the awareness yet innocent feeling throughout the whole exhibition and the desire for more, leaves more than inspirational thoughts in our team’s creative minds.

Keep up to good work, Leon!

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Where? Z33, Zuivelmarkt 33, B-3500 Hasselt
When? 11/05/2014 until 31/08/2014
More information on the exhibition on Z33’s website here.