What Essentiel Wears - Patrick Devillars

Style What Essentiel Wears - Patrick Devillars

9 december 2016

This month we interviewed the Shop Manager of our Brussels store on the Avenue Louise, Patrick Devillars. His enthusiasm is contagious! Read what drives him and get to know his favorite places in Brussels.

What do you most like about your job?

There are only positive things to list about working at Essentiel Antwerp. But what I love the most is the personal contact with our customers and my great team. I couldn’t say anything bad about my work!

Explain your style in short to us.

If I would describe my style, I would say “Casual chic” but I also prefer the style “Fit urban chic”. You could say, I’m a chameleon… I try to mix styles without losing my own identity.

What is your favorite Essentiel FW16 Men’s item?

I’m a big fan of this season’s tie-dyed printed sweaters and all the prints in general (yes, all of them!). I feel they really strengthen the DNA of the Essentiel Menswear collection. You can perfectly mix and match these with every single solid color.


How to dress in the winter?

Dress comfortably, wear royal colors, mix basic garments with prints and wear lots of layers to stay warm!

Best restaurant in Brussels?

The CO2 (46, Rue du Page). You get the best food and the greatest service. Sometimes it’s a bit chaotic but you always will feel very welcome and occasionally local artists exhibit their work there. For me it’s a great combination: delicious food and inspiring artwork!

Best place to have lunch?

Definitely visit Gazzetta in Brussels (12, Rue de la Longue Haie). It’s cozy and you can choose from a wide range of original, fresh and healthy Italian food.

What do you love about Brussels?

Brussels is a vibrant city, a melting pot of different cultures, people and traditions. It’s the same when you look at the architecture in Brussels: is diverse and has a rich history. On top of that, you are in no time outside the city where you are surrounded by open green spaces. Overall, it’s a great city and worth visiting, especially during the holiday season!


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