Essentiel Antwerp X Antwerp Pride

Happening Essentiel Antwerp X Antwerp Pride

4 August 2018


Essentiel Antwerp designed two different T-shirts which will be exclusively sold on the 11th edition of the Antwerp Pride event from August 11 until August 12. It is the first time that Essentiel Antwerp cooperates with Antwerp Pride, and it certainly is a match made in heaven!




Tongue-in-cheek T-shirt

Essentiel Antwerp created two T-shirts, one with the inscription "Let's get one thing straight, I am not" in three different colors (white, grey and black) and a T-shirt with the inscription "Tapette" (available in white and light blue). All the proceeds will go to the Antwerp Pride.

The cooperation with Antwerp Pride was actually a no-brainer for Essentiel Antwerp. The witty inscriptions on the T-shirts are really typical Essentiel Antwerp and completely in line with their style. For example, the word "tapette' actually has a negative connotation, and it is a French abuse for "janet". Essentiel Antwerp consciously choose to turn that bad connotation into something positive and give it an own, cheerful twist.


You can find us on the event at the Pride Village (Steenplein) on Saturday August 11 (from 4Pm - 9PM) and Sunday August 12 (from 2PM - 6PM).

The T-shirts will also be on sale in the Stadsfeestzaal from Monday August 6 until Friday August 10 (from 10AM - 6PM) and Saturday August 11 (from 10AM - 12PM).


Get that T-shirt and PARTY ON!