Meet the model: Georgia Chambers

People Meet the model: Georgia Chambers

30 août 2019

Behind the Scenes at our Winter 2019 Campaign

Meet the model: Georgia Chambers


If you’ve seen our new Winter 2019 campaign, a few items probably catch your eyes: the massive truck, the flashy race cars, the lights, the lust-worthy clothing, and of course, our platinum blond-for-one-day bombshell model, Georgia Chambers.

To offer you an exclusive peek behind the scenes, we decided to have a little chat with Georgia so everyone can get to know the amazing face that graces our campaign.




We can’t talk about your work and career without asking how it all started. Can you take us back to the beginning?

It all started pretty randomly. I was 14 or maybe 15 at the time, walking along Oxford Street in London when someone stopped me. Next thing I know, I’m meeting people at the model agency and get signed.


Was it a childhood dream of yours to work in fashion?

Before modeling, I always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. I simply never thought I could be a model, as I’m not the tallest. I planned to go and study fashion design, but after getting scouted, my life turned around, and all my plans changed.


After getting scouted, things took off fast for you. You’ve walked shows for Hogan and Marques’Almeida, you had an editorial in Spanish Vogue, you’re the face of our Winter 2019 campaign… But was has been the biggest career highlight for you so far?

My first big job was one of the biggest ones I’ve done so far. It was a shoot for Love Magazine with Gigi and Bella Hadid. That was so cool. They had Cara Delevingne on the front cover and everything. It felt amazing to be a part of that magazine. Another highlight was closing a show at Milan Fashion Week. I never thought I’d be able to walk in shows due to my height, but I’ve managed to book four so far and close one, so I really can’t complain. [Laughs].




What aspect of your career do you love most?

The fact that I get to travel so much is fantastic. I lived in Paris for a while in Milan and Germany… I get to see and experience loads of different cities, which makes it super interesting. Aside from that, I love how things are changing in the industry. There are so many different types of girls working now, everyone can represent a different kind of aspect, and that’s amazing. There are opportunities for everyone now.


Enough about work, let’s talk fashion. And more importantly, your own personal style. Could you describe it to us?

For my day-to-day style, I like a London-vibe. I tend to keep things quite uniform. I have so many leather jackets, and I like to combine those with pants, a nice pair of sneakers or cowboy boots, cute vintage bags, and maybe a hair accessory or something like that. In the evening, things can be a bit more ‘in your face’. So I’ll go for things that I’ve collected from markets and vintage shops.




Do you have such a thing as a favorite outfit or piece of clothing?

I usually fall in love with crazier, unique pieces. I once stumbled upon an amazing store in Berlin, where a lady was selling old clothing items from German actors. I dug up this gorgeous embellished corset there. It actually pictures Florida, with its buildings and beaches but in diamonds and sequins; It’s spectacular. If there ever would be a fire, I would definitely try and save it!


You like fashion that’s ‘out there’, but is there also something you would never wear?

I’m up for anything really. Or wait… maybe I’d say no to skinny jeans. [Laughs]. Other than that, I’d wear anything as long as I feel comfortable while wearing it.


You’ve mentioned before that you get to travel a lot thanks to your modeling career. We’re thinking you could probably give us a few pointers to nail our travel outfits?

Comfort is key, especially when traveling. My go-to travel outfit is silk track pants with a knitted sweater or oversized hoodie, sneakers, a small bag that holds all my essentials and sunglasses for when I’m tired.




You’re the face of our Winter 2019 campaign, but what’s your personal favorite item from the shoot?

I really fell in love with the tiger suit, but the silver coat is also really cool. Personally, I find it really hard to find a pair of jeans that I like, but the belted ones I wore are right up my alley. The grey plaid suit with shorts instead of pants is amazing for parties.


How would you style those workwear-inspired shorts for an evening event?

With big platform boots with a buckle around the ankle. I would style it very disco, Seventies.


When you go shopping for Fall/Winter, what’s an absolute seasonal must-have?

A good statement coat. You could be wearing a hoodie and tracksuit underneath, and it’s still really cool. I would wear this silver coat with a white hoodie and white track pants.





Photographer: DOMEN / VAN DE VELDE

Styling: Julia Muller

Make-up & hair: Magdalena Loza

Model: Georgia Chambers

Set dresser: Barbara Berends

Camera: Ferry den Boer

Production: Frank Agency


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