Inge’s Winter 2019 essentials

Style Inge’s Winter 2019 essentials

11 septembre 2019

Inge’s Winter 2019 essentials


It’s always hard to pick favorites, especially from a collection that you’ve created with a lot of love, blood, sweat, and tears. But as the expression goes, sometimes it’s time to kill your darlings.

We asked Essentiel Antwerp’s co-founder and creative director, Inge Onsea, to pick her top 10 must-haves from the Winter 2019 collection to give you a guiding hand during your next shopping spree.



1. The Mini dress

“I can’t help it, this floral mini dress makes my game show assistant dreams come true. For me, it has the perfect length and slimming fit, combined with those throwback-style puffy sleeves… During the day, I personally recommend wearing it with sneakers for that it-girl look but at night I’d definitely amp it up with a killer pair of heels.”


2. Boss Lady

“Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, your closet isn’t complete without a good blazer. We kicked the stuffy out of it and made a classic plaid blazer look cool thanks to its new proportions. When you find the perfect blazer, you’ll find out that it immediately completes any look you pull out, but I love it paired with a short dress for that little bit of extra ‘oomph’.”


Grey plaid single-breasted blazer

Black floral-print mini dress



3. Colorful stripes

“It’s warm, it’s colorful, it’s cozy… For me, this sweater is the ultimate Essentiel Antwerp winter knit. I love the fact that it’s not only multicolored but also has a variety of knitting patterns to give it a different and interesting texture. I could literally combine this with anything in my closet.”


4. The Western shirt

“I immediately want to sing ‘Old town road’ when I see this shirt because they’re both such a hit. A denim shirt is an easy styling piece, but we ‘Essentielified’ it by adding these sparkling embroidered flowers. And who doesn’t love a little sparkle?”


5. The belted coat

“A new winter coat is probably on everyone’s wish list, and this belted wool coat ticks all the boxes. With its oversized fit and wrap effect, it has a cozy robe-like quality that’s perfect for hitting that day-to-night dressing versatility we’re all looking for. Thanks to the wool fabric and classic cut it’s probably the definition of a timeless staple, but of course, we had to make it a bit more Essentiel Antwerp by dipping it in a bright and fun color.”


Multicolored striped knitted sweater

Light blue cotton embroidered shirt

Scarlet belted wool coat



6. Mix and match madness

“At Essentiel Antwerp, we love mixing different prints, patterns, and colors. That idea has gone to a whole new and exciting level with this mixed print midi skirt. It’s great for those who can’t decide between prints because it gives you the best of both worlds: animal and an iconic scarf print.”


7. Classic stripes

“The opposite of the multicolored knit, but equally alluring. This ribbed knit has those classic Brigitte Bardot vibes you’d expect from a Breton stripe but updated for today’s fashion scene thanks to the slouchy, relaxed fit and extra-long sleeves. Perfect for cuddling up in without compromising on style.”


Bottle green and tiger mixed print skirt

Off-white and black striped ribbed knit sweater



8. A flannel fling

“Layers, bundling up, and staying warm are probably some of the keywords when you think of good winter pieces. This oversized plaid shirt gives you all of those elements while remaining cool and effortless. In my opinion, this shirt looks good in any situation, from a Sunday stroll in the park to brunch in the city. Thanks to the subtle sparkle that’s woven into the plaid pattern, there’s an extra surprising detail that draws in the eye.”


9. The printed tee

“I’m obsessed with the new boxy fit and heavy quality cotton we introduced, which gives this T-shirt that perfect nonchalant slouch. Aside from that, I just love the statement it makes. We don’t need a hero, we are heroes!”


10. Cargo cool

“You probably haven’t noticed, but we named our cargo pants ‘Try me’ and for me, that says it all. Practical pockets, a sexy fit, ankle straps for a slimming effect… There are so many plusses to this style that I can keep going for a while. It may have been an ‘Oops we did it again’ moment by drawing our inspiration from the 90s, but we genuinely aren’t sorry for that.”


Red, off-white and black plaid oversized shirt

Black cotton 'No hero needed' T-shirt

Moss green cargo pants


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