What Essentiel Antwerp Wears: Isabel

Style What Essentiel Antwerp Wears: Isabel

26 February 2020

What Essentiel Antwerp Wears

Isabel Del Mazo


If you follow us on Instagram, you already know that the Essentiel Antwerp offices are dipped in color. From the pink walls in our showroom to the fashion choices our staff makes.

To give you a better idea of #LifeAtEssentielAntwerp and the people that live it, we decided to give you a monthly look into the different jobs, fashion styles, and personalities that walk around those pink walls.


To kick off 2020’s ‘What Essentiel Antwerp Wears’ articles in style, we sat down with Financial Services Manager Isabel Del Mazo, who has been working here since September 2000.

“September this year, I’ll have been here for 20 years, and I still love it every single day. My job is my passion. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have stuck around for as long as I have. [Laughs]. I give it my all, my heart and soul. But that’s generally how I am in life. I never do anything halfway, I’m all in.”




Being ‘all in’ all the time would probably make you a horrible poker player, but taking on this positive attitude in life and work must have its benefits?

“Being a passionate person means I’ll always give it my all, which indeed has its benefits, but finding a man in Belgium is harder. [Laughs]. I think they get scared of the amount of passion I have and am unafraid to show. Still, it’s who I am wherever I am. At work, in love, with my kids… In a professional situation, being as passionate as I am could also be perceived as being a workaholic. Which, maybe I am. [Laughs]. When you love your job as much as I do, waking up to get to the office is never a struggle, it’s fun. The people, the workplace, the vibe that we have here… It all contributes to it. People will say ‘that’s because you work in fashion,’ but it’s not just that. It’s the company as a whole. I was here from the start, I’ve witnessed the growth and evolution firsthand, and that makes me proud.”


Having seen it all from the start, must mean that you have some amazing memories as well. What’s your favorite one?

“I have a lot of fond memories indeed… too many to mention. The first 12 years were a lot of fun, for example. Each Friday night we would go out together for drinks and a good laugh. Even Inge and Esfan would join us. But we’ve also had some amazing parties over the years. The best one by far was the celebration of 10 years Essentiel Antwerp. People talked about it for years. There were tons of people, a merry-go-round, everyone was impeccably dressed… it truly was a magical experience.”


When you work somewhere as long as you have, do you establish a daily routine?

“I’m an early bird. I arrive every morning between 8:00 and 8:30, turn on my computer and start checking all the day-to-day necessary financial details like outgoing payments and bank statements. Then I get on with my emails, which are a ton on a daily basis. Based on all of the financial information I process, I’m able to set priorities, see where we can improve, adjust, and adapt. My daily tasks are a bit of a puzzle, but I love figuring it all out and making it fit our needs. I never take a lunch break, I just eat at my desk, because that way I can hopefully leave a bit earlier to go home to my daughters.”




Twenty years of working for a bold and colorful fashion brand, does it change your personal style?

“Of course, it does! I’ve always loved wearing color and prints, but working at Essentiel Antwerp has definitely increased that love. I often come across women who will claim that color doesn’t suit them, but that’s nonsense. [Laughs]. Everyone can wear color. It’s about having the guts to wear it, to try different things. Daring to stand out from the crowd is a big part of wearing color, and you need confidence for that. I’ve always been a confident person, and that part of me has only gotten better with age. [Laughs]. I find it so important to have confidence in yourself, in your style, in your choices. The advice I give to loads of women around me is: ‘be confident, know who you are, and be proud of that person. We all have something beautiful to share with the world.’”


Being as confident as you are, do you look anywhere for style inspiration, or is it all you?

“A lot of it is me, but like so many others, I also like to browse Instagram. [Laughs]. Personally, I like to look at Latina influencers and celebrities because I love their sense of style. Maybe that’s because I’m a true mix of Spanish and Antwerp myself. Isabel Preysler, for example, is a real example for me. She’s 68 and has such an impeccable style. Monica Bellucci is the same. I find her one of the most beautiful women in the world. I’ll never go and copy their way of dressing, but it will spark an idea. I’ll always stick to my own style, the end result has to be me.”


Is that your style secret? Being yourself?

“No… actually, it isn’t. [Laughs]. Simply because I don’t think that this approach works for everyone. Some people aren’t as confident in styling an outfit, or they’re afraid of integrating color or prints. In that case, it’s good to step outside of your comfort zone, to get advice and try something new. When I’m second-guessing something myself, I’ll ask my daughters for advice. Teenagers will always be honest. [Laughs]. But you can also ask a store manager, a friend with great style… There’s nothing wrong with asking for advice to help boost your confidence.”




What style secret would you share when someone comes knocking for advice?

“I think a woman should always be feminine. Sexy, without being over the top. Elegant, but with sex appeal. What that is exactly is something different for everyone. For one woman, it will be wearing red lipstick, the other high heels… It’s a bit of trial and error to figure out what will work for you, which is fun as long as you remember to keep things classy and to take your time. I need to take my time every morning to blowout my hair and to put on my mascara. It takes more time now compared to when I was younger. [Laughs]. But it’s worth it!”


You have already given some great style and life advice, but what advice would you give to someone who wants to work in fashion?

“Working in fashion means you have a job with something extra. You are constantly exposed to what’s new, what’s next, what’s trending. You stay ahead of the curve. At Essentiel Antwerp specifically, you work at a young and dynamic company. Even the ‘older’ staff, like me, for example, stays young because of the field we’re in and the people we’re surrounded with. You need to be aware of that extra level of excitement and intrigue that comes with the industry and cherish it. You won’t find it anywhere else.”


Items worn by Isabel


Dark green plaid double-breasted coat

Green floral-print jacquard slip dress

Chunky gold-tone hoop earrings

Blue plaid double-breasted blazer

Blue plaid wide-leg pants

Army green denim jumpsuit

Pastel green mismatched rhinestone earrings


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