FALL 2019

Revivals and throwbacks and comebacks, oh my! This Fall 2019 season, nostalgia runs high at Essentiel Antwerp. Taking a trip down fashion’ s memory lane, the design team took inspiration from ‘70s to ‘90s favorites and reworked them in fresh and innovative ways.
While nobody wants to be caught looking like they escaped a cringe-worthy 80s picture, this decade did have some winning styles on offer. Take this holographic iridescent blue for starters. The futuristic sheen has a cool, mesmerizing effect that would make both stargazers and mermaids jealous, but is fashion-forward enough on its own to be paired with most basic of basics like a simple white tee. That’s how we want to look in a pic.
There’s no shortage of practical comebacks in fashion, so we knew it was only a matter of time before combat pants made their way back to our closets. While their patch pockets teleport us back to 90s music videos and crop tops, we also immediately envision the fun balancing act of delicate meets comfy. Plus, which woman couldn’t use a little bit of extra storage on the go?
Our time machine’s last stop is in the groovy Disco Era, also known as the 70s. While this iconic print, flowing cut and billowing sleeves could have easily been worn then, people were still abiding by the fashion rule: no white after Labor Day (the first Monday of September). Today we urge you to break the rules, by wearing what you love, when and how you love it!

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