Ninette Murk & Inge Onsea - Essentiel X DAA

People Ninette Murk & Inge Onsea - Essentiel X DAA

9 september 2016


Designers Against AIDS is an initiative to create awareness about HIV/AIDS among young people. DAA uses pop culture and current interests such as fashion, music, celebrities, social media and others to communicate the following message: ‘If you are old enough to have sex, you are old enough to have safe sex.’

This collaboration was launched with a big event, friends, influencers, bloggers, Essentiel colleagues, DAA colleagues were invited to discover this collection in the A-tower in Antwerp.
There was a pre-party at the 14th floor with a beauty corner (make-up by MAC cosmetics and hair by The Pony Club), live drawings by Jarno Kettunen, a bar with delicious cocktails and a live DJ-set by Charlotte Gesquiere. But the actual party took place in Klub Goud – A Tower! It was GREAT, everyone was dancing and really enjoying themselves. A perfect launch of this collection!

We sat together with the founder of DAA Ninette Murk and our creative director Inge Onsea to talk about this collaboration.

The start of this collaboration

Ninette: “One of our recent projects is Youth for a better world, an educative center in Deurne. Students from all over the world are invited to create creative campaigns about HIV/ AIDS. Our aim is that they acquire information about AIDS, share their knowledge and bring this experience back to their own country - to create a better world. To finance this we are looking for interesting collaborations with designers. Through Facebook, I contacted Inge and that’s how this collaboration started.” 

Inge: “‘Ninette and I definitely share the same values about HIV/ AIDS. We both wanted to pass the “save sex” message in a fun way.”


Thoughts about hiv/ aids

Inge: “People don’t like to talk about HIV/ AIDS, they think it can be cured and that you can easily avoid the disease, but it’s NOT TRUE! I have lost HIV-positive friends and I have friends that are infected with HIV.
In the 90s it was very big and we talked a lot about it. Nowadays I have the feeling that the young people are not aware of the risks. If you are old enough to have sex, you are old enough to use a condom. I was shocked to hear that some of the people in our own stores thought it was embarrassing to distribute condoms. “

Main objective 

Ninette: “With this collaboration we want to reach out to young people to raise awareness and to get the subject of HIV/ AIDS back into the media.” 

: “The main objective is to help people feel good in their own skin. To create this collection, we found inspiration in the club culture of the 90s, Boy George, Keith Haring, Stephen Sprouse and Leigh Bowery. Drag queens and club kids were also sources of inspiration. Our collection video is not made with typical models, but with different types of people: drag queens, dancers, plus size models…”


ESSENTIEL ANTWERP X DESIGNERS AGAINST AIDS collection is now available in stores and online.


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