Style Crush: Megan Ellaby

People Style Crush: Megan Ellaby

6 november 2019

Style Crush: Megan Ellaby


On her Instagram profile, @meganellaby, she describes herself as a Mancunian style blogger, founder & designer of Saturday by Megan Ellaby and mamma to dachshunds Peter & Nancy.

For us, Megan found a few minutes in her busy daily schedule to answer some questions on her personal style, life, and job.




Floral-print belted mini dress

Silver glitter ankle boots


Before we start, congratulations are in order! If we check your Instagram, 2019 has been quite the year for you! You got engaged, moved to a new house… How do you balance it all with your job?

"This has been the best year of my life. I've honestly loved every moment, particularly my social and private life. But when it comes to balancing it all, it's definitely something I've got better with over time. I've been self-employed for 5 years now, and I've been writing my blog, etc. for the last 7, so through trial and error and a heck loads of to-do lists, I've somewhat got it all down."


You are a style blogger, you have two dogs, you design… With all that's going on, is there such a thing as a typical day?

"No, my day looks different every single day, and that's one of my favorite things about my job. I create content daily for my channels, including my blog, my Instagram, and my YouTube channel too. I've always had a huge passion and interest in the fashion industry, so I love to write about it, to discuss trends, share my personal style, and my everyday outfits with my audience."


You say you've always had an interest in fashion, but do you think you can trace back where it comes from?

"It's been something I've always been into since I was very small. My mum has great style and always dressed up super well and allowed us to express ourselves through our clothing from a young age. So I'd totally have to give credit to my mum there. My earliest fashion memory is actually playing 'fashion designer' with my younger sister. While other kids would play house or school, we'd like to pretend we were fashion designers. Super cute!"




Light blue cotton 'Atomic cat' T-shirt

Cheetah-print bias cut midi skirt

Floral-print leather knee boots


Talking about fashion memories, what's your favorite outfit ever?

"A bright purple strapless jumpsuit with an exaggerated slit up both legs that I wore for a birthday party last year. It's not often I feel sexy or powerful, but in that I seriously did. Purple is massive this season, so I'm hoping I can rock it again this party season."


And what's the oldest piece you own and still love to wear?

"I have a pair of seriously chunky suede boots with a huge wooden platform and heel. They're the comfiest boots ever, and they give me tons of elevation, so I absolutely love them. However, after having them and loving them for 6 years, it might be time to say goodbye as they're not looking their best."


Being a style blogger, do you always look picture ready? How do you decide what to wear in the morning?

"I often start from the feet up. I'm a sucker for shoes, and there's often a pair that I'm itching to wear, so I'll start there and work up."


Even with a fully packed closet, we women can have a case of 'nothing to wear' what your go-to outfit is on those days?

"A high neck top or jumper, A-line mini skirt, and knee-length boots. Those are also some of the key items in my closet, simply because I know that they'll always work for me. I have a huge collection of A-line skirts and checked blazers because they amplify even the simplest of looks. My trusty knee-high boots are in turn perfect for giving my looks that amazing sixties nod."




Tiger-print tailored jacket

Sky blue wide-leg cotton-corduroy pants

Silver glitter ankle boots


You have a fun and colorful style, but where do you look for inspiration yourself?

"I take inspiration from all over the place, whether that's through art, architecture, food… A tuna and avocado bagel once inspired an outfit! [Laughs]. My favorite thing to do when on the hunt for inspiration is to look to the past. I adore the sixties and seventies and find that whole era so inspiring, particularly for the music and the style of those decades."


If you could raid someone else's closet, which one would you pick and why?

"Freddie Mercury's because he is everything!"


It's 'only' November, but do you already have party outfits in mind for Christmas and New Year's Eve?

"The previously mentioned purple jumpsuit HAS to come out to play. I'll be spending Christmas in our new house with both of our families and New Year's Eve we'll be out with our pals."


And do you have any New Year's resolutions?

"Have more fun!"



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