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29 July 2019




From Wednesday the 7th until Sunday the 11th of August, the twelfth edition of Antwerp Pride takes place. Like last year, our limited edition T-shirts help you to wear your heart on your sleeve, and your bold statement for love and equality colorfully on your chest.

Our love doesn't end there. We are giving all proceeds from the collection to Antwerp Pride, and we help volunteers to showcase their Pride by gifting them all with our rainbow-colored 'I am Pride' T-shirt.

To help us celebrate, Inge invited some friends to be the faces and voices of our Antwerp Pride collection, which they all voluntarily did to show their support. We asked them all to answer one unifying question: what does Pride mean to you? 




Zelda von Trapp - @zeldavontrapp

"Pride is so important because everyone should simply be allowed to be who they want to be without anyone going to refute you. We're still not there. People are still being knocked down on the street. I still feel afraid to leave the house on my own when I'm in drag. I still feel unsafe. We have achieved a lot, but not enough."


Oemer Khan - @oemer.khan

"It's diversity. Everyone being comfortable with being who they are. No hate. Tolerance."



Tanguy Ottomer - @tanguyottomer

"Freedom in every possible way. Freedom in who you are, who you want to be, who you can be. To me, Pride is a celebration of love for everyone. All-inclusive.”


Godwin Agossah – @godwin_agos

"Pride is about the freedom to be yourself, to choose who you want to be, and to have others accept that choice."




Millow Lapirale - @badboimillow

"Having people to accept us for who we are without fear and making sure that our message is heard."


Jani Kazaltzis - @janikazaltzis

"Pride is a party, but it's also a moment to be and stand together. We still need to draw people’s attention to the fact that we have a long way to go. Being a lesbian, gay, everything in between or nothing at all can still be a taboo. Pride wants to make it clear that it doesn’t matter who or what you are. As long as you're a good person, we can party together."




Wim Vanlessen - @wimvanlessen

"Pride is being proud of who you are, being honest with yourself, and being comfortable with that."


Maikel Van Weert - @_the_m_project_

"Pride is about loving and accepting everyone. Your family, your friends, and yourself. Pride is waving a rainbow flag and not giving a f**k about what people think!"


Lander Marstboom - @landermarstboom

"Pride comes from being proud. Being proud of who you are, what you are, and knowing your worth. Not everyone gets the idea of Pride. It's not for anyone else, it's for us. As long as people don't give us the power, space, or respect to be who we are, we need to stand up for it. You get to be proud of who you are, so do we."




Naomi Van Hauwermeiren - @naomi.tempspournous

"Pride is stepping out and showing that we are here. That we are also just people enjoying themselves in our society, regardless of whether we are different or not. It's being proud of who we are, and coming to the street for those who aren't allowed or simply can't."


Emily Gasparova - @emily.gasparova

"To me, Pride is freedom. To be who you want to be and coming together to celebrate that."




Jitske Van de Veire - @jitskevandeveire

"On the one hand, Pride gives me a chance to celebrate who I am, but on the other hand, it also shines a light on the fact that we still aren’t there. We still need to show that to those who still don’t understand, who still don’t accept. It may have started with a riot, but now we are making an impact in a positive, beautiful way. Pride is in-their-face: here we are, there are many of us, and we are going to fight for what still isn't granted to us."


Cedric Bavré -@cedricbavre

"It's a time to give attention to the LGBTQ+ community and show who we are. Everyone should have the same rights and be able to express themselves how they see fit."




Dries Criel - @dries_criel

"Fighting for freedom in every shape or color. We still need to fight for a lot of liberties that are still not being granted and cannot be fully experienced by all."


Fleur Pierets - @fleurpierets

"Activism. Fifty years ago, the LGBTQ+ community fought back for the first time when the police invaded Stonewall café. That's why we still need to take to the streets. People think everything is fine, that we all have plenty of rights, but in the end, we can only get married in 28 countries, and those rights are all very fragile and can be taken away without a moment’s notice. For me, that's why Pride is primarily a protest march."




Michel Pinheiro - @michellpin

"It's a moment to celebrate the basic right to be yourself. During Pride, I think that nothing can stop you from being who you are. It's a moment to celebrate and embrace that feeling. We need to keep giving a voice to those minorities that are still being targeted by so many other majorities."


Want to get your hands on an Essentiel Antwerp X Antwerp Pride T-shirt?

You can buy one (or more!) limited edition T-shirts for € 30,00 (of which all proceeds go to Antwerp Pride) at one of the following locations:

- From the 30th of July at our Essentiel Antwerp stores at Huidevettersstraat and Schuttershofstraat

- From the 5th of August at Antwerp’s Stadsfeestzaal

- During the official Antwerp Pride event.



Photographer: DOMEN / VAN DE VELDE

Styling: Jody Van Geert

Make-up: Winke Walschap

Hair: Joeri Rouffa


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