London calling! Our London team is offering you the chance to explore the city through their eyes by sharing hidden gems and the hottest new openings. And of course, giving you all the reasons (should you still need any) to pass by our store.

So let’s get right to it! What are your best addresses in town?


Zuzana — Camden Town offers an eclectic mix of markets, cuisines, and live music venues. During the day the area is full of tourists and is a definite must-see.

Olaf — Columbia Flower market, a flower market which takes place every Sunday in East London and it’s the best location to meet your friends, spend the day together and enjoy a Sunday Roast (at The Culpeper obviously!).

Mar — There are plenty of cultural options in London but if you like contemporary art, it is worth visiting the Sepertine Galleries. There are two art galleries situated in the heart of the Royal Park of Kensington gardens. You only have to book your spot in advance.


Zuzana — Definitely Vardo (on the Duke of York Square), they have the best chips in London.

Olaf — Cecconi’s in Shoreditch. One of my favorites, I highly recommend you try the escalope and their seafood pasta.

Mar — London is a multicultural city, and you can find a lot of different restaurants. I highly recommend Dozo restaurant in Soho, an Asian restaurant with delicious sushi.


Zuzana — There are many good and affordable bars in areas like Shoreditch, Soho, or Notting Hill. One of the best for sure is The Blues Kitchen where you can enjoy a variety of drinks and dance to live music. It's also the perfect venue to host any celebration.

Olaf — Mare Street Market, the coolest place in London.

Mar — Flight Club is a social experience like no other that brings you and your friends together for unexpected joy. You will discover a spectacular bar and an electric atmosphere, it’s really a special place where you can enjoy delicious cocktails, sharing boards and pizzas.



Zuzana — If you are a fan of vintage shopping like me you definitely need to visit Brick Lane and Portobello Market. Other than that, Kings Road or Regent Street offer a lot of shops to choose from.

Olaf — At DSM you can find clothes from high-end brands to smaller and newer brands.

Mar — Carnaby Street is in the heart of London's West End. Often there are great shopping events or live music gigs. It’s also the perfect area if you like to take a break while shopping. You’ll find a lot of independent small fashion shops, but also some lovely pubs, bars, and cafes.


Zuzana — Kensington is a great area to stay in during your London visit. It is close to the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is also the location for the Royal Albert Hall. There are many beautiful buildings as well as shopping opportunities at Harrod's.

Olaf — Notting Hill is my favorite area in London, the colorful buildings and the little vintage and antiques boutiques make it very special. Only a few stops from the center of London by tube.

Mar — There’s no way to deny it – this is one of London’s most attractive and elegant neighborhoods. This area has a lot to discover from beautiful townhouses and garden squares to high-end shopping lanes. Don’t forget your camera either, because it also has some of the most attractive shop fronts and mouth-watering bakeries that have products that are more like works of art than pastries.


What’s the hottest new opening?

Zuzana and Olaf — We love the new Italian Ave Mario restaurant. It’s like being in an Alice & Wonderland movie! The whole interior including the plates and the cocktail glasses is wild!

Mar — The restaurant Hawksmoor Wood Wharf is actually floating on the river, and it looks amazing. They have great steaks and cocktails, as well as their biggest bar yet, The Lowback.

Essentiel Antwerp chose Chelsea to base their first London store. What’s so special about the neighborhood?

Olaf — Local and foreign clients come together in this area. This neighborhood is getting even more stylish and edgy day by day! Also, our location is connected to Sloane Street and Kings Road so we couldn’t ask for a better place to spread the Essentiel Antwerp love.

Mar — We cannot be in a better place! Chelsea is always a good area to visit for the amazing stores, art galleries, cafes, and restaurants. We’re also really close to the Saatchi Gallery, where you can always visit great temporary exhibitions. There’s always a lot happening in the area, during Chelsea in Bloom in May all the streets and shops are transformed with breathtaking floral displays.

What does Essentiel Antwerp bring to the London fashion scene?

Mar — We are one of the most colorful brands, especially in central London. Whether you are going to a Black-Tie event or a family dinner or you just want to add a nice colorful piece to your wardrobe, in our store you’ll find something for every occasion.

Zuzana — Lots of color!

Olaf — We bring unique colors, patterns, and combinations. Always a great investment, as our pieces are timeless.

The brand is growing more and more in the UK. How did you experience this growth?

Zuzana — We already noticed a lot of people, mainly from the United States and the United Arab Emirates, coming to our store saying they heard a lot about our brand from their friends or from social media. It’s nice to know that Essentiel Antwerp continues to grow not only in Europe but also in other countries.

Mar — We are growing our clientele every day, and we love to see our clients coming back and bringing friends and family, enjoying their time in the store. They are looking for colorful pieces and we are the best place to find them!

Olaf — It was definitely not expected as most people here wear more neutral and dark colors. However, the response amazed me since the beginning! Colors make everyone happy and that’s what everyone needs nowadays, isn’t it?

"Any woman can be Essentiel Antwerp! But I would describe her as bright and powerful with a unique personality."

How do you describe the Essentiel Antwerp women?

Zuzana — Vibrant inside out.

Mar — Strong and confident women who enjoy fashion.

Olaf — Any woman can be Essentiel Antwerp! But I would describe her as bright and powerful with a unique personality.